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VA Refinance (Non-Streamline)

For those with an VA loan, there are instances in which you may wish to refinance. There are two options for a VA refinance mortgage. One method is an interest rate reduction refinance, which is known as a VA streamline. A second option, which some may not realize, is a non-streamlined refinancing loan. This method is also known as a cash-out refinance. For those who wish to pursue a VA refinance mortgage, there are several key advantages to this loan type.

What Is a Non-Streamlined Refinancing Loan?

Many people want to get some of the money in their home to use for other needs. In this case, non-streamlined refinancing may be a good option for you. Home equity is the amount of value of a home after the primary mortgage is removed. For example, if a home is worth $200,000, and the property owner owes $125,000 on it, the property has $75,000 worth of home equity. These are funds the property owner can use for a variety of things. But, to do so, it is necessary to consider non-streamlined refinancing.

To do this, the goal is to obtain a new loan that will allow the property owner to get out the equity they have. For example, in the above example, the property owner secures a new mortgage on their home. It is worth $200,000. The new loan pays off the existing loan and provides the property owner with the remaining amount, minus any closing costs. The property owner then uses the funds as he or she determines is necessary.

VA Refinance Non-Streamline Rate Questions

When considering this type of loan, VA refinance non-streamline rate questions often arise. For a homeowner who is looking to borrow money, this type of loan is typically the least expensive option when compared to credit cards or personal loans. Even a traditional home equity loan may have an interest rate that is a bit more than VA non-streamline rates.

Because a refinanced loan is still secured by the real estate, the VA non-streamline rates are lower than a personal loan. Additionally, VA loans offer some of the easiest benefits and qualifications for those who have served in the Armed Forces, or those who are active duty.

Features of a VA Non-Streamline Refinance

For those pursuing a VA non-streamline refinance, it is possible to obtain a loan through various mortgage lenders. Any approved VA loan lender can help a property owner with a refinance for these loans. There are a few key things property owners need to know about these loans and how they work.

How Much Can Be Borrowed?

In a VA refinancing loan, it is possible to finance up to 100 percent of the value of the home. This amount is based on the current appraised value of the property. However, there are some limitations. Some states limit the amount a property owner can borrow. Additionally, lenders can set qualifications for this.

What Credit Score Is Necessary?

With a VA refinancing loan, borrowers can obtain the loan with minimal credit qualifications. Though consumers should have a credit score, having one as low as 500 may allow the individual to qualify. It is also important to know that individuals must have a steady stream of income and be able to pay for the new mortgage payment comfortably. The qualifications for VA refinance non-streamline loans are lower than most other types of loans.

In most VA refinance non-streamline loans, the individual will need to meet a debt to income ratio within the acceptable range for the lender. This will vary from one lender to the next. Most often, this will be 40 to 41 percent, which means the individual’s debt, with the new mortgage payment, cannot be more than 40 percent of his or her income.

Can You Convert a Conventional Loan to a VA Loan?

The only way to convert a conventional loan (a non-VA loan) into a VA loan is through the VA non-streamline program. This process allows for individuals to take advantage of new qualifications for serving in the military, for example. The VA non-streamline program is not necessarily hard to use for this purpose as most lenders are happy to help a consumer to do so.

Who Is Eligible for a Non-Streamline Refinance Program?

All VA loans have eligibility requirements. To be eligible for the non-streamline refinance program, individuals must be active-duty service members, or they must be honorably discharged veterans. In addition, the spouse of a current service member, as well as the spouse of a veteran, can use these loans. And, if an individual is a widow or a widower of a veteran, but is not currently married to a non-member, he or she can also utilize these loans.

The Advantages of Non-Streamlined Refinancing Mortgages

Individuals who are active duty service members or those that qualify otherwise will find that this method of refinancing is ideal. It offers individuals the ability to obtain the loan terms they need at an affordable rate. As with all types of VA loans, these typically are easier qualify for compared to other types of loan programs. However, individuals will need to work carefully with their lender to determine if they qualify for non-streamlined refinancing mortgages.

A key reason to take advantage of these loans is lower interest rates or for home remodeling projects. They can also be beneficial for individuals who wish to consolidate other debt, take a long vacation, or pay off medical bills. Because the funds from these loans can be used for anything the individual determines, they typically can be a high-value option. The equity in the home may be an ideal way to gather cash on hand for various purposes.

And, because they are easier to qualify for with lower interest rates, they can be the best option for most borrowers looking to meet these needs. Non-streamlined VA loans are one option available from lenders. Most people should consider several options to determine which is best for their individual needs.

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