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In Simple Terms, Clients FIRST. At LMC, we strive to build beneficial and meaningful relationships with our customers by identifying their goals and providing the absolute best experience possible.

This is why we always put the needs of our customers ahead of anything AND everything else.


C.A.R.E. We pride ourselves on a culture that puts a high premium on Excellence for our customers. We work to achieve the desired results for our clients because we truly CARE. And that in turn gives us a tremendous sense of achievement as individuals and as a company. Caring, Achievement, Results and Excellence. The core values of our company culture.


With an average individual industry experience of almost 30 years per associate, we bring a seasoned, knowledgeable team to the table with each and every transaction. Having not only survived, but having THRIVED though even the most extreme market conditions, there is virtually no scenario or challenge we have not faced in this business. As a customer-oriented mortgage originator, we are highly skilled to provide the absolute best home loan experience and seasoned enough to find a way to say YES to your needs, even when others have said no.


At the helm of Landmark Mortgage Capital is Mike Timoschuk. Mike is a deeply experienced and accomplished Loan Officer in his own right and has served as past President for the California Association of Mortgage Brokers. Mike is also a veteran Real Estate Agent who has represented clients in and around Southern California for almost 30 years. His depth of knowledge of mortgage transactions is the cornerstone to LMC’s success and he is personally involved in each and every transaction. This hands on approach ensures that our Mission is achieved and our Culture remains strong. Mikes commitment to Landmark and its clients and their families is unsurpassed.

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